Oriental Dance & Egyptian Folklore - By Mohamed El Hosseny

The time definition mentioned under each level is a suggestion, more important is your own technical level and also your goals. To ensure the versatility of your studies, it is recommended that you attend e.g. level II classes during several years, even if you already have reached the technical skills of level III, because it is impossible in one year to study all of the many styles of oriental dance. Goal-directed studies require attending more than one weekly class. It is recommended also to practise the use of e.g. stick, veil and finger symbals, as well as Arabic rhythms, in workshops.

No previous dance studies required. You will learn basic movements of hips and upper body, basic steps of oriental dance, and also little step sequences. Hip movements include: horizontal movements (gliding, circle), up-down-movement, rotation, figure eight, accents, undulation, hip circles, hip drop, shimmy Movements of the upper body: increasing the flexibility, circles and undulations, rotation, shoulder movements, basic position and movements of hands Steps: walking step, step-tap, forward-back-step, cha-cha step
Minimum training of 6 months. Also beginners who want to avance in a little quicker tempo can participate. The classes are suitable also for more advanced students, for basic technique. Basic movements of the central body will trained and developed, as well as movements of arms, foot technique, basic steps of Egyptian folk dances, step sequences. New movements are e.g. hip drops in different variations, up-to-down figure eight, African hip circle.
Minimun training of 2 years. Classes include both technique and choreographies, the tempo is faster than in level I. New variations of central body movements are practised according to different styles, step reperoire is increased, you will learn typical steps of folk dances (e.g. haggala, ghawazi, simsimiyya) as well as use of stick, veil, milaya and finger symbals. The choreographies represent different styles, e.g. some folk dance, baladi, or modern video clip style.
Minimum training of 3 years. This is a class for advanced students. More demanding technique and choreographies are taught, the tempo is quite fast. The refined sharqi style in its varied forms and nuances is studied in the choreographies.
Minimum training of 4 years, advanced level. The choreographies are demanding and the tempo of the class is fast.


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