Oriental Dance & Egyptian Folklore - By Mohamed El Hosseny
  Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, Finland, in October 2006.

This hilarious spectacle of live music and skillful dancing is now available on DVD

Performers: Mousa’s Simsimiyya Band (Suez, Egypt), El Hosseny Dance Company (Egypt), Shamsina Dance Company and Banat Shamsina (Helsinki. Finland), Mohamed El Hosseny, Tuija Rinne, Jaana إhl Chorerographied and directed by Mohamed El Hosseny

80 € + dispatching costs

Bahariyya Canal-Town-stick-dance Ellela-helwa-gamila
Enta-omry Kaff-Suwesy Men-of-the-Canal
Noh-el-hamam Reythems-and-spoons-dance Shamandoura


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